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Waterfall Model

Building Perfect Applications with a Perfect Waterfall Model!

Waterfall model for development of applications is among the most renowned application development methodologies in the industry. Like waterfall, application development is a sequence of phases from beginning to the finish. Every application development project, major or minor, goes through this sequence of phases. Each phase is followed by evaluating or testing the outcomes upon conclusion. Thus the application development project is completed successfully ensuring the preferred results. At Fuel4Media, the mobile application and web application development process is fully compliant with Waterfall model. Following are the development phases of Waterfall model:

  • Conception
  • Evaluation
  • Initiation
  • Designing
  • Implementation
  • Completion
  • Testing
  • And Maintenance

This was chiefly hardware-oriented model in the times when no specific application development model was invented or existed. Fuel4Media adheres to this particular structure strictly throughout the application development process in diverse development service categories including mobile application development, and web development. Our developers for projects are not only familiar but very well versed too with this Waterfall model. They guarantee integrity between each two phases to get harmonious results in the end always.

Requirements: Conception, Evaluation and Initiation

It is the first and most important stage of any application development projects. It is followed by a brainstorming meeting to conceptualize the application which is to be created. It is preceded by an evaluation to define the probable result. Depending on conception and analysis, the technological requirements for project are decided. This phase is worked up on by experts at Fel4Media.


Second phase, that’s application development plan starts after successful completion of the requirement analysis. This plan is laid down via illustration of the application on paper and it is then sent to the customer for approval. After it is approved, more precise technical designs are sketched with complete focus on individual categories and their function.


After the ultimate design is formed into programs or modules, our development team gets prepared for implementation. This stage of Waterfall model for application development includes coding of the program. The coding should be precise to guarantee functional correctness.


Once the coded program is implemented, it’s put to test in this phase. The functions of every part of the application are checked during testing. This is a quality testing in the technical terms. At Fuel4Media, we follow a very strict quality testing method to identify functional or technical errors if any.


In this phase of Waterfall model for applications development, steady maintenance is offered to support specific performance of newly developed mobile or web application. At Fuel4Media, we promise good and regular maintenance support.With Waterfall Model, we at Fuel4MEdia develop high quality and top notch, but cost efficient application solutions with efficient functionality.

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