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Flutter Mobile App Development Company in India

Flutter is an open source mobile application framework that helps to build future ready mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase in record time. Released by Google at the Mobile World Congress Congress 2018, this innovative platform helps to build beautiful mobile apps faster with a native user interface. Flutter allows the developers to use the same codes in different environments and reduces the cost and complexity of app production across iOS and Android platforms. It is an innovative cross-platform app development framework and prototyping tool which facilitates faster development of apps with delightful motions, animations, and UIs with character and an identity of their own.

Flutter can be used in the development of business-critical apps for iOS and Android, thus enabling businesses to reach more users with a single investment. It provides speed, scalability and flexibility to develop full-featured apps, including camera, geolocation, storage, widgets, compositing, animation, gestures, 3rd-party SDKs, and more. Flutter is based on object-oriented and imperative programming concepts that enable our programmers and developers to create highly responsive user interface and user experience for app users with faster time to market.

Being a leading Flutter app development company in India, Fuel4Media has gained expertise over this emerging technology recently introduced by Google. Our expert developers have done immense research and utilize their years of experience to build extraordinary mobile apps across iOS and Android using Flutter. Our Flutter cross-platform app development services combine our state-of the-art solutions with the Flutter qualities such as speedy development, expressive UI, native performance, amazing visuals and cost-effectiveness to ensure you get the best app in less time and cost. Flutter is highly customizable, so our programmers can develop mobile applications for any business vertical including travel, entertainment, banking & finance, gaming, food, retail, social media and more.

Accelerate Your Next App Project with our Customized Flutter App Development Services

Fuel4Media is a renowned Flutter application development company in India that strives to transform the cross platform app development market with our innovative solutions and Flutter expertise. Our Flutter developers can convert your business idea into reality that too at less investment and time frame. We use the most advanced tools to build highly responsive Flutter mobile applications in an unbelievable timeline and cost.

Android and iOS App Development

With the use of Google’s Flutter SDK, foundation library and design-specific widgets, we can build a highly customized mobile app that will help you create a unique brand image and attract more users. Whether you need an Android or iOS app or an application that can be accessed on both platforms for your business, our Flutter app development services will help you get a stunning, interactive and user-friendly mobile app, with a single codebase. Lower the bar to entry for building a mobile app for your business without compromising on quality of designs, features and ease of use with our futuristic Flutter solutions.

Powerful & Customized App Development

We have carved our niche in the mobile app development industry with our unique solutions to meet the varied needs of our esteemed clients. Flutter apps run via natively compiled code which help developers easily achieve a constant 60fps. Flutter fully supports Material Theming, thereby allowing our developers to customize your app's unique style more than ever. With our revolutionary app solutions and Flutter’s functional features, we deliver powerful application solutions customized to suit your unique needs.

API and UI Development for Mobile

Cross-platform applications can be developed using the same Application Programming Interface (API), codebase and UI/UX. Flutter uses Dart’s Iterable API, plus allows developers to use asynchronous message passing system to create your own integrations with platform and third-party APIs. Flutter has a layered architecture which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive and flexible UI designs. Our developers make use of these features to develop your Flutter API and UI so that you can launch your product/service globally in no time.

Cross-Platform Unified App Development

Native app development has a large cost associated with coding and ongoing support. Plus you need to write codes thrice for your platform of choice – Android, iOS and web. With Flutter, we help you build cross-platform mobile apps, from a single codebase. Our designers write the UI and navigation just once and share it across iOS and Android, while using 60% of the code between Flutter and web. Our development team will help you take genuine benefits of Flutter to write once and deploy everywhere so that your business reaches an unrivaled position.

Flutter App Maintenance & Support

Fuel4Media provides end-to-end app development services to enable businesses leverage the power of customization that Flutter app development brings to the table. From ideation, designing, development to launch and support, we ensure 100% client satisfaction when it comes to app quality, timely delivery and app development cost. We offer flexible engagement models so you can hire our expert developers on hourly, weekly and monthly basis for Flutter app development. You will get a dedicated team for real-time maintenance & support during entire project execution.

Why Flutter is Gaining Popularity for Cross-Platform App Development?

Flutter is different from other app development frameworks for building customized mobile apps because it does not use WebView or OEM widgets that come with Android and iOS devices. It uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets, create magnificent visuals and impressive UI. That’s not the end; here are some of the beautiful features that make Flutter the prime choice for cross platform app development:

  • Flutter is heavily optimized with a mobile-first 2D rendering engine, foundation library and design-specific widgets.
  • It is based on Google’s own Dart programming language and has both Material Design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple) widget library.
  • It uses Skia Graphics Library of Google, which is used by Chrome to draw pixels on a screen Modern react-style framework.
  • Flutter has very high-level APIs for unit and integration tests. Its interop and plugin APIs can connect to the system and 3rd-party SDKs.
  • Flutter seamlessly integrates with Swift and Objective-C on iOS and Java on Android, while enabling us to integrate our creativity and efficiency rightfully.
  • It has various command-line tools for building, testing, and compiling your apps. Its Hot Reload feature makes the app development faster.
  • It is a reactive framework, which helps to reflect all the changes automatically. It also has headless test runner for running tests on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Why Choose Fuel4Media for Flutter Cross-Platform App Development Services?

Fuel4Media is one of the trusted Flutter native app development companies in India. Being the early adopter of revolutionary Flutter platform, we can help clients build a mobile app that is delightful to use and expressive UI. Our expert coders, experienced programmers and talented developers can help you develop easy-to-use app, compatible with all devices. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring our experienced app developers and programmers:

App Delivery in Record Time

We use feature rich Flutter SDK and the aesthetically rich material design component to build your app in record time, within your budget.

Flutter Solutions at Best Price

From mCommerce to on-demand app, Fuel4Media can customize your app above and beyond your expectations, at unbeatable prices.

Trained & Experienced Developers

Our experienced developers are trained in Dart programming language and Flutter app development. Expect to get only best app when you hire us.

Customized Services & 24/7 Support

We have gained expertise in app development in more than 37+ industry verticals. With personalized approach and faster delivery, we offer only the best solutions.


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