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What is Responsive Website Designing?

Have you ever wondered how websites adjust to different devices, like tablets, desktop, iPad or smartphones? Or why your website has trouble doing the same?
The reason for this is simple. If your website is not designed for that function, it will not respond to the needs of the users and the devices they're using. Not all website owners are aware of responsive web design. 72% people are more likely to stay engaged if your site is mobile ready. Almost 60% of Internet browsing is done through mobile devices. First impressions matter, and this fact is even more important when it comes to websites. 94% of people who say they didn't trust a website because of its design. Even Google, the giant search engine, considers mobile-friendly websites when it comes to ranking websites based on user searches. That’s why, at Fuel4Media, the best-rated responsive website designing services company:

“We don’t just design websites. We create real-life experiences through human-centric designs and storytelling.”

With 15 + years of experience in designing world’s most lovable websites, we’ve been helping businesses accelerate their growth through our skeuomorphic designs, parallax and long scroll page designing, mobile design, animations, and much more. We started out as a web design agency in 2004, and we’ve designed websites for start-ups and big brands alike.We create web pages that can be navigated on any screen size and device. And, technically, this is called responsive website designing. Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern, and everybody’s favorite. Now, it’s your turn!

Get Customized Responsive Web Designing Services From Fuel4Media

What really matters to the users? A user wants a website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, contains the information they need, and has an engaging design. In fact, organizations that describe themselves as “design-driven” are 89% more likely than their competitors to exceedtheir business goals. That’s why it is necessary think about how the user interacts with a site on different devices and provides the best experience possible. At Fuel4Media, we provide responsive web design services that can stand the test of time and various devices.

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User Interface Design

User interface design refers to the visual elements of your website. Our UI design philosophy focuses on target customer engagement while ensuring your site’s interface provides a consistent brand image.


Technical SEO Consulting

Our technical SEO expertise involves sitemap maintenance, indexing and crawling optimization, canonical tags implementation, bot rendering, URL structuring, tag and image optimization, schema recommendations, and structuring categories and sub-categories.


HTML and CSS Coding

HTML5 and CSS3 are used today for website development because they permit the automatic webpage sizing and flexible media retrieval required for responsive web designing. We have HTML and CSS coders who customize your website for various screen sizes.


User Experience Design

User experience refers to how your visitors interact with the design and structure of a website. Before UX designing, we create a user experience strategy to accurately determine how potential users can navigate through online content.


Single Page Checkout

We know what it takes to improve the shopping experience on eCommerce stores. We can help you design a new site or redesign your existing store to help you provide a single page checkout, include payment options and cross-sell and upsell features and enhance site UX.


eCommerce and CMS Design

Our talented responsive web design team can convert your existing website into a responsive CMS site. We deliver excellent UX and UI design solutions for eCommerce tools like Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and more.

How does responsive design can spur your growth?

An efficient website design can bring in more traffic and encourage a customer to purchase your product or service. Still don’t believe it? Well, then let us tell you 48 percent of people consider a website’s design as the No. 1 factor in determining the credibility of a business. 62 percent of companies increased their sales by designing responsive mobile platforms for their websites. There are numerous benefits of getting your website designed well by the best web designing company:

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Boost in conversion rate
  • Better user engagement
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Improved SEO results
  • More mobile traffic
  • Lower maintenance needs
  • Faster web page loading
  • Improved online browsing
  • Better Brand Awareness
  • Stand out among competitors

How We Design Websites and Applications

As a responsive website designing company, we create websites that adapt to any device or screen size, providing an enjoyable experience for your viewers. We combine flexible grids, responsive images, readable content and media queries to provide you with great designs that drive conversions and encourage the right actions at the right time.

Brand Research | Fuel4Media Technologies

Brand Research

We believe in a collaborative process to uncover your brand’s story, your process, your industry, and your targeted audience to ensure we can tell your story in a compelling way.

Customer Research | Fuel4Media Technologies

Customer Research

We perform competitor analysis and identify the needs and preferences of your target audience. This strategic brainstorming helps us to provide feel-good experience to them.

Intuitive UX/UI Design | Fuel4Media Technologies

Intuitive UX/UI Design

We design websites that are device agnostic, which means they work excellent with multiple devices and a variety of browsers including iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Designs for Real People | Fuel4Media Technologies

Designs for Real People

We design responsive website to solve problems for real people. If a website that doesn't meet your user's needs, they won’t come back. We design for real people to help you get real results.

Fluid Performance | Fuel4Media Technologies

Fluid Performance

With our design works, you get a website that looks clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Our designed websites have fluid performance, creating satisfaction among end users.

Time Saving Work | Fuel4Media Technologies

Time Saving Work

With our responsive website designing services, you save time and cut down development costs. You don’t have to maintain two websites for desktop and mobile users. One is enough.

SEO-Friendly Designs | Fuel4Media Technologies

SEO-Friendly Designs

Higher rankings on search engine result pages and more traffic can help you generate millions. We offer designs that it get easier for search engines to understand and make your site a reliable one.

On-Page and Off-Page | Fuel4Media Technologies

On-Page and Off-Page

With our On-Page optimization, your store will become sales machine. And, Off-Page activities with solid content marketing strategy will fuel our SEO efforts.

Reports and Analytics | Fuel4Media Technologies

Reports and Analytics

With a responsive website, Google analytics are optimized so that you can handle site reporting,tracking, monitoring and analysis in an easy way and understand its performance.

Industries We Serve

We provide innovative and creative UX and UI design solutions for following industries.

Education | Fuel4Media Technologies


Healthcare | Fuel4Media Technologies


Entertainment | Fuel4Media Technologies


Banking | Fuel4Media Technologies


Business | Fuel4Media Technologies


Travel | Fuel4Media Technologies


Transport | Fuel4Media Technologies


Food | Fuel4Media Technologies


Real Estate | Fuel4Media Technologies

Real Estate

Manufacturing | Fuel4Media Technologies


Why Fuel4Media?

Responsive Web Design requires creative thinking, story-driven approach and a highly efficient designing team to create great brand experiences through your website. Try us out and witness a striking increase in your company’s business graph.

Qualified Web Designers | Fuel4Media Technologies

Qualified Web Designers

We have highly skilled and talented web designers who use a range of creative and technical skills to build websites that are visually attractive and technically sound. Our designers have experience in creating websites in a range of formats for a wide variety of industries.

Latest Technologies | Fuel4Media Technologies

Latest Technologies

Standards in web design sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. To stay one step ahead, we focus on trends, techniques, and latest technologies such as AI, blockchain, AR/VR and more to provide our clients with the most advanced designing solutions.

User-Centric Approach | Fuel4Media Technologies

User-Centric Approach

We do a robust research on our client’s users and make decisions based on how they think and what they want. User preferences is an integral part of our web design process. As the best website designing company in India, we know what it takes to provide real human experiences.

Transparency and Quality | Fuel4Media Technologies

Transparency and Quality

Fuel4Media is more than an award-winning responsive web design services provider. We believe in true partnership with you, transparency and delivering quality solutions to help your brand make deeper connections with your customers and accelerate growth.

Tools We Use for Responsive Web Design

There are over five billion mobile device users in the world. Responsive web design is the most popular solution to their needs. Responsive website designing is good for your visitors, good for search engine optimization and good for your business.This is why we utilize a number of tools to ensure your website offers consistent experience on all types of devices.

Adobe Photoshop



Adobe Edge Inspect

Gumby 2

Adobe Edge Reflow



Export Kit




Style Tiles






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