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Development Methodology

At Fuel4Media, we believe that development process is a teamwork that fuses our innovative strengths with our customer’s market vision and expertise to produce mobile applications and web applications that deliver great results.

Phase I. Research and Strategy Consulting: Defining Strategy

As great design and development begin by knowing and understanding your problems and issues, we start by asking questions. Our team works to know and understand your strategic aims, project parameters, desired outcomes and audience. We define the development problems and find out strategies for solving these problems efficiently.

At this phase, we offer:

  • Analysis of current application
  • Review of objectives and goals
  • Assessment of technical needs
  • Assessment of future requirements
  • Development of creation schedules
  • A full schedule to guide complete procedure

Phase II. Planning the Process

Fuel4Media structures your development process so that each detail is accounted and expectations are apparent. The design of the application whether mobile or web is intended in this phase. It’s in this stage that wireframes, functional outline and content outline are prepared.

In this stage, we offer:

  • Information architecture, user flow analysis and navigation
  • Wireframes and Site map

Phase III. Designing: Engineering Your Experience

During this stage, we discover appearance, interaction and content. We work together with you to make a great overall digital experience which captures the spirit of your company and the approach you relate to users. Usability is the key focus, including follow-through about the concepts that are detailed in wireframes.

At this level, we offer:

  • Strategic development concepts for assessment
  • Refined development direction for the selected development direction
  • Interactive prototypes

Phase IV. Development: Bringing Strategy to Life

In the development stage, your mobile application or web application is brought into life. Key stages at this point consist of application setup, customization, configuration, and integration with the third-party tools and applications. The work completed in the earlier phases minimizes the needs for stepwise approvals and allows us to emphasize on implementing the agreed-upon elements.

In this stage, we offer:

  • Creation of feel and look
  • Development of templates
  • Creation of final products

Phase V. Test and Delivery: Guaranteeing Quality

With the application built, this phase allows us to conduct extensive and rigorous quality assurance test of your mobile or web applications. We just don’t look for what’s really working; we search for what also doesn’t work.

In this stage, we offer:

  • Testing of development application
  • Deployment of application
  • Post-launch bug fix

Phase VI. Maintenance and Training: Ongoing Value

  • Fuel4Media will offer a training session for system admin and employees on the correct use of the contents management system
  • Technical support is accessible to offer ongoing application maintenance. Fuel4Media offers numerous flexible maintenance plans depending on the quarterly hours owed to the application.

Moreover, we also adopt different methodologies for development of different applications based on customer specific requirements and needs.

Our Development Methodologies

  • Agile
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