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Location Based Apps

Location-based apps are mobile phone apps. The applications enable social media networking and unanticipated interaction by individuals checking in at various places they go e.g., airport, store, local restaurant, mall, offices, etc. Checking in helps other people know where you’re and if they also are nearby, then they may join you. Get hold of new and better business opportunities with the Location Based apps offered by Fuel4Media. Location Based Services and apps are growing more and more with the great success of mobile apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, etc. Location Based Services application can be used on mobile networks simply by leveraging the location through GPS on different mobile devices.

With Fuel4Media’s expertise in developing avant-garde mobile applications, we promise to deliver fully featured, high-end mobile apps, on-time and in-budget. Fuel4Media has successfully delivered hundreds of applications to customers across the world. Our team holds solid experience in creating Location Based apps, and we have catered more than 100 different needs of location based apps successfully. LBS apps offer important competitive benefit by extending the outreach of your business, thus increasing profits by making a difference by the virtue of their diverse LB services.

Fuel4Media has developed numerous location based services applications that have a lot of features, including music playlist, location based coupons, real time GPS dependent event discovery, finding top deals and getting the discount coupons , use of QR codes, mobile payments, etc, included in them and the users can use this information easily in the most easy to use way.

Our Location based solutions include:

  • iPhone Location Based Services Applications Development
  • iPad Location Based Services Applications Development
  • Android Location Based Services Applications Development
  • BlackBerry Location Based Services Applications Development
  • Window Phone 7 Location Based Services Application Development

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