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Enterprise Mobility

In the mobile world today, more people and employees are using different mobile devices like tablets or smart phones, in addition to accessing cloud services, for conducting their business on everyday basis. Enterprise mobility is this shift in the business practices, wherein more employees work out of their offices and access secure corporate information to conduct everyday tasks. With this enterprise mobility, any doctor can access his patient file using his tablet or smart phone, while on round and a director can give a presentation using his tablet or smart phone while traveling.

So, Enterprise mobility enables employees to become more creative and offers them full freedom of utilizing their own devices –increasing security risks at the same time. So, Fuel4Media offers products for managing your enterprise mobility enabling organizations to conduct their business on any device, from anywhere, while meeting security mandates still.

How Fuel4Media does Helps with Enterprise Mobility?

Fuel4Media’s solutions and applications for enterprise mobility enable for the security and management of mobile apps, devices and data in the office, including:

  • Mobile applications management
  • Mobile devices management
  • Mobile based information and data management
  • Other mobile enabled technologies, such as remote support or secure email apps

Fuel4Media products for handling enterprise mobility authorize organizations to hold a bring-your-device policy without compromising user experience or security

Our Approach

Use of mobile, social, cloud and analytics technologies is already enabling futurist enterprises to work out in real-time and more collaborative ways. We offer a portfolio of services and tools to build up enterprise mobility strategies in order that you can make a mobile enterprise which make the most of new business model, innovates services and products and unlocks workforce output. With industry knowledge and technology expertise, our mobility consultants are ready to work hard with you to build up your organization’s mobile plan and implement across diverse range of the mobile devices and platforms.

Strategies and Consulting

Work together with our mobility consulting services team and build a sound strategy in order to achieve your own enterprise mobility aims..

Managed Services

Fuel4Media’s managed services can help you speed up deployment of the mobile technology via cloud-enabled, “pay out as you go” service for an expected fixed fees.

Delivery Services

Renovate the way you plan and develop customized mobile applications—from their UI designs and testing, to security and data integration.

Mobility Solutions

We have a wide variety of mobility solutions, ranging from pre-built framework to complete enterprise mobility solutions.

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