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Fuel4Media provides a full spectrum of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development and programming services ranging from GIS consulting, GIS application development, geospatial database management, information systems design, and web mapping and imaging services.

  • Expertise in GIS Development
  • Passion, Dedication and Integrity
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GIS Development Services in India

A geographic information system (GIS) is the science of geography that helps to gather, store, manage, manipulate and analyze all types of spatial or geographical data. As an emerging technology, GIS is constantly evolving with the launch of new technologies, tools, Internet and mobile devices. The five key components that form GIS include hardware, software, people, data and methods. GIS operates on a hardware which can be a centralized computer server or desktop computers used in stand-alone. As the most trusted company to provide GIS development and programming services in India, we help you develop the software that can store, analyze, and display geographic information.

Our developers use programming languages such as Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript to develop your customized software that can take input of geographic information and support geographic query, analysis, and visualization. We also build a database management system (DBMS) for storing your data and graphical user interface (GUI) for easy access to tools.

 In today's high-tech world, information comes in different ways, from your organization, government statistics on public health issues to multimedia from across the world. You can leverage our team of GIS consulting services experts for GIS software and database development, data collection and conversion, data analysis as well as software engineering. We have helped commercial clients and governments worldwide to develop comprehensive GIS systems for better outcomes.

As a technology company with a leading experience in all GIS technologies, we have worked with different public and private sectors including telecom, healthcare, forestry, rural and urban management, public services, transport/logistics, engineering, resource management, infrastructure development and even the defense sector.

GIS Applications and Uses

GIS in Banking
Digital Taxation
Natural Resources Management
Asset Management
Urban Planning
Water Management
Energy Use Tracking
GIS for Business
Public Infrastructure Management
Location Tracking
Crime Analysis
Regional Planning
Wildlife Management
Land Administration
Soil Mapping
Geologic Mapping
Community Development
Natural Disaster Estimation

Get Reliable, Secure & Scalable GIS Consulting and Software Development Services from Fuel4Media

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of over 200+ technical professionals who are equipped with state-of-the-art GIS software and photogrammetric mapping solutions. Our team leverages best practices and agile methodology to achieve innovation in delivery. Our team of cartographers, CAD designers, GIS experts, data analysts and business consultants can provide you with the most secured, robust and scalable GIS consulting and development services with quick turnarounds and accurate results.

Our GIS Development Services

Our wide array of GIS services includes Mobile Mapping Applications, Advanced GIS Modeling Software, Database Design & Analysis Tools, Geodatabase Creation, Advanced GIS Modeling, Digital Mapping & Data Conversion Applications, Photogrammetry, Data Conversion and Web-Based Mapping Applications such as topographical, survey, cadastral and parcel mapping solutions. We have become the leading GIS consulting services company in India because we conduct in-depth assessment of our client's requirement and provide comprehensive and customized solutions based on their unique requirements.

Our GIS Development Process

We have GIS experts and consultants to provide you with custom solutions that will exceed your expectations. Our extensive knowledge in GIS systems provides us the necessary background to understand your specific business requirements, whether you need enterprise-wide spatially enabled system to custom desktop application. With this understanding, our resources work in accordance to the goals and objectives of the client’s organization. We design databases, software and systems based on robust business processes, develop them to match the client’s business model and provide on-going maintenance and support to ensure the product is successful.

Benefits of Our GIS Services

Whether you need a geospatial information system for engineering, transport management software, or a data mapping application, our GIS services can help you do unbelievable things. Our GIS systems are designed to help you in data analysis, topological modeling, map overlay, cartographic modeling, geostatistics, address geocoding or reverse geocoding, scanning & digitization, wireless network establishment, geometric networks, decision analysis, and image processing. As a reliable GIS consulting services company in India, we also provide training services for implementing and integrating solutions with GPS, GIS and imagery.

What We Provide

Fresh Concept and Innovation
Blend of Concept & Technology
Innovative Design
Streamlined Development
Critical Testing & QA
Satisfactory On-Time Delivery

Why Choose Fuel4Media as Your GIS Development and Consulting Partner

Customers and partners hire Fuel4Media experts for the versatility of our technologies, our support for global standards, and the high level of interoperability. Our technical experts have extensive experience in developing applications, from large to complex ones, using GIS framework within a stipulated time and promised budget. When you choose Fuel4Media to take up your project, there is no need to look back. In fact many of our clients have partnered with us time again for the following benefits:

Expertise in GIS Development

We are a technology-driven GIS application development services provider with an aim to provide value-added services to all of our clients. We are committed to modernize core business infrastructure to support future innovations.

Passion, Dedication and Integrity

We are unmatched in our commitment to client success. With our passion to solve problems and challenged, we deliver the highest quality software and services with full integrity and dedication. This has ensured a long-standing association with our on-shore customers and off-shore clients as well.

Price, Result & Confidentiality Guaranteed

We provide cost-effective GIS applications and software matching national and international standards. You are in control of the payment schedule and can also monitor the progress accordingly. We sign Non Disclosure Agreement and your information is always kept confidential with us.

Exceptional Customer Service

When you hire Fuel4Media’s GIS app developers, consultants or programmers, you work with a dedicated group of ambitious and passionate people who will take your vision and make it a reality. From development to management, you can count on us to make your project a success.


We worked with Fuel4Media to upgrade our enterprise GIS software. I don’t have enough words to explain their quality of work and speed at which they delivered the project. They are talented and amazing professionals who have great work ethics. 5 stars from my side.

Steve Rodriguez

Fuel4Media has provided us invaluable support in creating and deploying our GPS-enabled custom app. They provided out-of-the box solutions while managing our budget. I highly recommend them.

Sean Williams

Fuel4Media worked an extended team for our water board. They helped us design and implement GIS architecture which enabled us to our old information system. They are really skilled and unequivocally recommended. Thanks guys!

Michael O’Neill

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