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Smart TV App Development Company Overview

In an era, where Smart TVs and Smart Appliances are entering into modern lifestyle at a constant pace, the increase in Smart TV app development business is growing rapidly for ensuring seamless connectivity across various devices and platforms. Undoubtedly most of the big brands are launching their proprietary apps to connect to viewers and their potential customers with great ease, but entrepreneurs engaged in offering third-party services still experience great difficulties in reaching out to their targets.

One of the most helpful solutions is launching your own Smart App that can help your business to brand and promote your products and services to the targeted group. Content developers, broadcasters, advertisers and even IT companies are coming up with applications for Smart TV to ensure that they cater customers on every platform.

Our Smart TV app development services can help you promote, enhance visibility and help in reaching out to your potential targets of your business by simply occupying a little space one-commerce, Smart TV, live Streaming, and Video on Demand applications.

Rely on us for all your Smart App development, designing, and maintenance needs!

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Smart TV App Development | Fuel4Media Technologies

What We offer in Connected TV

Adopting the concept of offering wide range of content through Connected TV, we help you browse through various channels, content platforms and other media portals by just staying connected to the Internet. In this competitive world, where brands are opting for new and innovative solutions to reach out to their potential targets, we help you in developing an edge over your competitors by offering a constant approach medium toget in touch with your potential customers!

Video On Demand | Fuel4Media Technologies

Video On Demand

  • Select and watch the content whenever you want to
  • Bridge between Content Provider and Consumer without any time constraint.
Live Streaming | Fuel4Media Technologies

Live Streaming

  • Show your live streaming content to your smart tv Channel
  • Any Show / Event which is On-Air, Show it to your Audience.
TV-Commerce | Fuel4Media Technologies


  • Sale your products through TV
  • When it comes to the showcasing your product than what could be the better medium than a TV.
Informative Applications | Fuel4Media Technologies

Informative Applications

  • Need to gain knowledge. You can also go to your TV not to Google every time.
  • Information could be of any type : weather info, News, Latest Trends etc.
Gallery Applications | Fuel4Media Technologies

Gallery Applications

  • When you don’t want to sell the product / Creativity online but want to showcase this.
  • Look & feel of anything would be much better on TV than any hand held devices.


Gone are the days when entertainment was just limited to box-type television sets. With TVs becoming thinner and efficient, most of the app developers are coming up with solutions that can offer ease to viewers while scrolling through their favourite content. Having a customized smart App can assist in making things much easier and faster. Don’t know how? Read below!

Access Varied Content on Single Device | Fuel4Media Technologies

Access Varied Content on Single Device

With the ever-growing urge of being informed and entertained, most of the viewers are now looking for solutions that can offer them to access a variety of content without making much effort. Companies offering best Smart TV application development services in India now makes content on cable, satellite and streaming devices available on a single app to keep you entertained and content-filled at reduced cost!

Searching content was Never That Easy | Fuel4Media Technologies

Searching content was Never That Easy

The basic aim of Smart TV apps is to ensure that the entertainment experience is hassle-free and is streamlined to deliver the exact content as per viewer’s choice. The app developed by any Smart TV app development company ensures that users can search their desired content by entering the title, genre, time and other relevant details in the search field.

Get Recommendations With Just a Tap | Fuel4Media Technologies

Get Recommendations With Just a Tap

Being Smart, an app handles a lot of tasks on its own by simply capturing your details, preferences, moods, and genre of content you have viewed in the past. Tapping the recommendations section can help you shortlist content that is based on preferences and your past content history. It is highly important for any Smart TV application development company India to incorporate this feature in the app as Indian users always lookout for solutions with great ease and convenience.

Share content with Others Hassle-Free | Fuel4Media Technologies

Share content with Others Hassle-Free

Since the social web is expanding its horizons by connecting users across the globe through Internet, it is becoming highly imperative for app developers to include options that can assist users in sharing their most loved content with others. Not only with others, the sharing tasks also relates to viewing your favourite content on TV screen, and then making a switch to it by viewing the same on your Smartphone while going off to sleep!

Not Loving It? Let Developers Know | Fuel4Media Technologies

Not Loving It? Let Developers Know

Most of the best Android TV development companies or Smart app development companies are coming up with feedback feature to help them collect valuable inputs and details from the actual users. If you have any issues or don’t like anything about a particular app, then simply tap the feedback and rate your experience or state the problem to let developers know about it!

Got Problems? Fix Them Up on Your Own! | Fuel4Media Technologies

Got Problems? Fix Them Up on Your Own!

All Smart app developments contains a self-help guide section to help the users resolve some of the most common and easy issues on their own. The guide is made available in different languages and help users to resolve common issues at their own pace without making them picking their phones, dialling customer care numbers, and waiting in long queues. Get your apps developed to offer optimal freedom to your users!

Why Smart TV App Development ?

  • Smarter ways to control everything
  • Pairing and sharing is impressively simple thanks to Samsung Smart View
  • Effortlessly navigate all your apps and devices with one remote and our Smartest ever Smart Hub
  • Smart TV automatically detects even non-Samsung devices for easy connectivity
  • Smarter ways to control everything
  • Pairing and sharing is impressively simple thanks to Samsung Smart View

Our Services

We partner with forward-looking companies to design and develop Smart TV apps that people would cling to. We are adept in creating premium applications with persuasive and efficacious design, fine-tuned to the demands of today’s millennials and tech-savvy people.


Fuel4Media is a pioneer in handling all marketing, digital media, and mobile development tasks to ensure that you cater all the requirements of your prestigious clients and customers with great ease. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals and expert technicians, we are here to help you create, design, develop, test and launch world’s finest Smart Apps that will remain in discussions of your competitors for long. Our designers and developers works on the concept and leads provided by you to come up with something that exactly matches your expectations and delivers optimal results in the mentioned time-frame.

Crowned as one of the best smart TV apps development company in India by independent research companies, we cater varied requests for discovering newer ways to help your interact, connect, and communicate efficiently with your customers and clients. Renowned as the most advanced Smart TV App Development Company, we are delighted to announce that we design Smart TV apps that offers wide platforms for active interaction, delivers value and collaborates feedbacks for ensuring that your release marks history in the entertainment world. Choose us for availing best Smart TV application development services for Samsung, Roku, Tizen and Smart TV. We can help your deign and design Smart TV apps with multi-lingual and multi-platform format in the following sections:

  • Application porting tasks from iOS to Android
  • Android smart TV applications
  • Cross platform developments
  • Smart TV website development
  • Android Smart TV app designing
  • Multi-screen apps
  • Video sitemap development

Technologies we use in development

Since the entertainment world is experiencing rapid growth in technology and applications, it is becoming difficult for app development firms to cope-up with the change. We, at Fuel4Media, are utilizing our vast industrial experience and expertise in designing, developing, and launching Smart TV apps that you enjoy entertainment at next level. We ensure that you experience TV with a refreshing appeal by developing applications for Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku TV. All our services and app developments are based on electronic program guides, video conferencing solutions, Google Chromecast, Airplay, live streaming, VOD apps, and other related technologies to ensure that you access your favourite content across various platforms and formats!

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