We at NatureNurture strive to
  • Make our learners 21st century ready
  • Build scientific inquiry
  • Promote inclusive education
  • Enhance environment sensitivity
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Integrate multiple intelligence
  • Make them technology savvy
  • Strengthen the learners’ mathematical acumen
  • Incorporate differential assessments
  • Expand their mental horizons, broaden their thinking, and enrich their experiences
  • Empower them with knowledge and skills, inculcate values and develop their personal and social skills
  • Impart awareness about health and safety thereby building a sense of physical wellness
  • Foster integrated learning
  • Ensure collaborative learning
  • Facilitate design and technology
  • Encourage digital citizenship
  • Build research and inquiry skills
  • Make them reliant and regulated
  • Make our learners 21st century ready

Curriculum Framework

We establish new school systems and align the existing school systems by meeting the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework, 2005 or other International boards like IB, IGCSE .etc

Clear Standards

  • Incorporate the learning objectives outlined by NCERT, IB, IGCSE etc
  • Map the goals for kindergarten, primary and middle school
  • Focus on thematic and experiential learning
  • Follow internationally acclaimed pedagogies covering numerous domains like Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Scientific Enquiry, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Physical Development, Health and Safety, Design and Technology, Environment and Ecology, Social and Emotional Development etc.

Materials & Resources

  • Customise text books, workbooks, e books & talking books in sync with the school board
  • Synchronize the curriculum with the software and digital learning tools
  • Provide Home School Connect material
  • Emphasize on Human Resource Development (Management, Teachers and Parents) via consistent trainings
  • Set up classrooms, Labs (STEAM, Language, EVS, Maths)
  • Create curriculum support educational aids
  • Provide innovative mobile labs


  • Design educator manuals with instructional activities based on best pedagogical practices and principles for hands-on learning
  • Plan weekly schedules and lesson plans for seamless execution
  • Empower the management and the educators by organizing training & orientation capsules throughout the year

Fair Assessments

  • Develop an effective structure for learner assessment and evaluation for exams
  • Conduct regular audits for quality control (Educators’ and system implementation)
  • Deliver parenting programs addressed by leading experts


  • Plan and execute educator real-time performance, review and improvement feedback
  • Organize parent home-school programmes and counselling sessions
  • Provide multi-disciplinary intervention like speech therapist, special educator, psychologist etc. for the differently-abled learners

About NatureNurture

NatureNurture Eduserv Private Limited is an Educational Management company that provides products, processes and services to institutions, learners and parents across the country. NatureNurture provides Turnkey Solutions for new and existing school projects by providing customized curriculums, teacher trainings and materials and resources in the form of books, software, educational aids and innovation labs.

  • Complete School Solutions
  • School Curriculum
  • Teacher Training & Workshops
  • Customization of Content
  • School Textbooks, Workbooks & Assignments
  • NCERT, Notes, Assignment, Worksheet, Assessment and Manual
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Our Services

NatureNurture’s areas of operations, expertise and research are expanding every year and we seek to be the leading educational service provider in India in the years to come. NatureNurture was founded with the vision to make each child in India an achiever and shall continue to strive until we ensure that the constitutional right to quality education is guaranteed to every child in our country.

Customization of Content

Based on NCF for CBSE, IB State Board

Training and Augmentation

By Industry Exerts for management, teachers, parents and Students

Mobile Innovation Labs

Integration with curriculum, capsule training modules

Assessment and Audits Planning

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