No business today can ignore the Internet when it comes to marketing their products and services. We have witnessed the most conservative businesses with highly loyal clients forced to show their presence on the web.

Rarely do businesses take the responsibility of running their websites themselves. Today we see that the business of running a company website is shifting from the Information Technology vertical of companies to the Sales and Marketing vertical. This is a bright move as SEO strategy is a marketing tool and technical services are outsourced to SEO companies.

The success of a marketing organization of a company is dependent on the speed at which it can arrive at newer strategies and implement them. This is where an SEO can make or break a company. Content marketing is dependent on the ability to place ideas visible to customers at a great speed.

Imagine that a company has come up with a new idea to revive interest in a product. If the campaign was to be put over the Internet then the first requirement would be that the new idea gets on top of search results when people search for the same old keywords. The new ideas can be pushed into long tailed keywords as the text of the first page hit will evince interest in the new idea.


A Pay for Performance SEO will be the best option for a company to support the initiative for reasons given below.


1.    SEO will not delay the process as it delays his own revenues.

2.    You can judge the rankings of all the keywords that you are interested in and pay accordingly.

3.    There is no recurring monthly expense as it is a one-time payment.

4.    Keeping in view that Google has implemented penalty points to penalize black hat SEO, you get an ethically safe ranking.

5.    You can change your SEO if you do not get expected results.

There are many Pay for Performance SEO services in India who can provide excellent results. One should check out the number of clients and number of permanent employees employed by the company when evaluating these SEO services. A good SEO will not settle for bargain background prices unless he indulges in black hat SEO practices