Mobile phones have a functionality that has made prolific changes from business to customer engagement. The Global Positioning System is responsible for this change. The phone always knows where it is and since the phone is always carried by the customer you know where your customer is. If you can convince your customer to download and install an App on his or her GPS enabled mobile phone you can have the customer dancing to your tunes.


Let us check out what can be achieved by using Location based mobile apps.


1.    Best Communication Tool: Most people do not like unsolicited messages or calls. Some even register their phones to Do Not Disturb Registers. However if your customer installs an App, it implies that the customer has agreed to receive notifications from it. It is very easy to track the customer and notify the customer if he / she is near one of your business locations. You can increase footfalls as well as manage product content of your stores based on the shopping pattern of your customers.


2.    Great CRM Tool: People often feel that businesses forget you once a deal is done. Customers to share their experience during any stage of a sale can use a mobile-based App easily. If it is possible to engage a customer through an App it gives the client better confidence and proves to be a great tool for customer relationship management.


3.    Connect in Real Time: Using a Location based Mobile App, if you sense your customer in a rival shop; you can send a Notification about the great offers in your nearest retail outlet. Again if you sense that the a customer is taking too much time in your retail outlet and assuming the customer isn’t able to make up his / her mind you can sweeten the deal by sending a notification with a special personal discount.


4.    Customer Loyalty Programs: Location based Mobile Apps are the best for interacting with customers and awarding incentives and loyalty points. Customers will find this a better option than dealing with text messages and emails. The App on their mobile is always there to refer and to check out loyalty points.


5.    Social Networking: You can provide links to social network websites with an option to place posts along with pictures in the app. This will earn your website social media based links and you will find best ranks on Google search lists.