The world now revolves around apps and it will continue to for the coming times. Especially businesses nowadays rely heavily on apps to get customers and to generate revenue. App based businesses too all they look forward to is getting found and downloaded.

When you say getting found, that’s where the tricky part is at, you may not have realised it but the app space is crammed up. There are almost over 2 million apps in the app stores of Google, Apple, and Windows.  So getting found might not be as easy as it sounds. But like every other tricks to marketing there is one techniques that can boost your apps visibility and app store ranking – ASO. Much like SEO for website ASO also works on the same guidelines for applications.

App store optimization is a process that improves the visibility of a mobile app in an app store such as Windows store, Google play store and app store of Apple. Applying this techniques to boost your mobile apps visibility is a proven and tested technique. Here are the benefits you can gain from app store optimization;

  • Be Found – If you are in the app only business and cannot be found then there is no use of being in it unless you resort to ASO. With applied ASO techniques your app will be visible to all and higher up the rank.
  • Target Relevant Customers – Using methods of ASO on your app makes sure that you reach your targeted and most relevant audience.
  • Higher Ranking – it will improve your ranking in app stores for particular keywords and categories.
  • Increase in Downloads – you are visible and are at the top of the rankings you are bound to get downloads easily then before.
  • More Profit – with more visibility downloads are sure to rise and with more customers too, which means more profit. Basically it’s a chain reaction, although the process is slow the fruit is guaranteed to bore.
  • Competition – It’s hard to stand out in the app store due to the number of apps. When you apply ASO on your app you will be where your competitors are and if applied correctly you might even surpass them.
  • Credibility – app store optimization also builds credibility as people tend to trust the top ten results of a search engine page more. So if your apps at the top you’ve got your audiences trust.
  • Cost Effective – doing ASO yourself will be free but it will take time to get the results. However the results will be the same increased downloads and more visibility.