It was the efforts of Sergey Brin and Larry Page to find a way to the most relevant internet web page with respect to a search for a keyword. Today search results have become very important to Marketing a Product as the top listing ensures more footfalls. Google has never disclosed its algorithm for page ranking and it keeps changing the way it ranks web pages. SEOs keep guessing the algorithm. Let us check out where this game stands today from the point of view of the SEO services in India who are trying to help out small businesses get benefit from internet marketing.

Content: Larry and Sergei had already accepted that it is not possible to programmatically evaluate the content of a web page to rank it. However, that does not mean they gave up. They tried to find other ways to do the same. There has been a lot of changes at Google from the days of Page and Brin, but Google hasn’t lost its focus; they still respect the content on the page. Webmasters need to think out of the box to push users to interact and in the process create genuine links. Content Marketing focuses on this aspect where the consumer is forced to interact with the Web.

Using the Keyword Metadata and Effectively Using It: All SEOs keep tuning their websites to try to unravel Google’s ranking secrets. They would have noticed that Keyword metadata of their pages is not so passé, one still needs to plan out the keywords to use, their frequency in the text and their relevance to the product. Webmasters need to actively use inputs from Sales and Marketing as well as analysis of their own website to achieve this.

Internet on Mobility Devices: Google has recently provided a link which can be used to test how efficiently the Webmaster has been able to design the functionality and UX of the website to cater to the user on mobility devices. Definitely Google would be using this criterion to help in ranking the web pages.

Implied Links: Google has started talking about ‘implied links’. What is implied is that the ranking algorithm has started giving weight to mention of links in web pages which may not be another link but real world entities like a business organization, an institution, a technology etc. This implies that the more evolved the content of a page, the higher rank it earns.

Location: Small businesses normally have a small footprint. This brings the Location entity into play. People do get emotionally involved with location specific issues. What that means is webmasters should ensure their business and websites are updated into Location Directories and Citation websites.

No SEO Company in India or otherwise would ignore the challenges faced by the forthcoming changes in Google page ranking.