The app space is a tight squeeze right now with more than 2 million apps in each of the popular app stores such as Google’s play store, windows store and the app store for iOS users. Apps have bloomed into a big business and it’s estimated that the global app economy should be soaring at $143 billion. App publisher to get a piece of that will resort to anything but instead of resorting to untested experiments to promote mobile apps here are few tested techniques you can use to promote your apps;

•If you have a well optimized mobile website, advertise your mobile app on the website, the people who will find your mobile website will become your prime candidates for using your app.

•Feature your app on your website too, this however does not mean adding a small link on the bottom of the page. You will need to promote it prominently, consider giving out special offers to get your customers to download your app and make it worth their time.

•Get your app into an appropriate app store such as the app iOS app store and Androids app store. This is a much wider space to get your app seen by potential app users.

•Have your app reviewed by app review sites however you should understand that this takes work.

•Harness the power of email newsletter as reading email is a major activity people do on their smartphones, let them know about your app.

•Create a demo video as videos are an easy and effective way to show case everything what your app can do and what it does. You do not need a demo video more than 30 seconds long and make sure to answer all the Why, How, and What. Once it’s done be sure to leverage social media and other platforms. You can also upload your video to your blog post, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

•Other than the apple store and Google’s play store you also have the option to float your app on other app store on the online market. Here are few of the best platform that you can consider getjar, slideme, opera mobile store, appslib, amazon appstore, and appbrain.

•You can also use social media advertising, these ads are highly targeted and has huge potential to be effective.

•App store optimization is at its core of everything just like SEO, ASO focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance and the keyword density in your description. So make sure your use the right keywords that aligns to your ASO while describing your application.

These methods have all been tried and tested if you are in the app space you can try out the techniques to see any changes in your app performance.