Mobile Apps have shown a very high degree of acceptance. The success of Mobile Apps should be credited to the rapid development of smart phone technology and the Internet facilities available through Mobile Service providers. Mobility devices have become a major source of users on the web. Users are very happy about the availability of the internet at their fingertips wherever they are.

If there are many users constantly logged on to the net using smart phones there seems no reason why Mobile Apps should not start doing real business instead of dealing with frills and thrills and the credit of its success goes to Mobile App development in the recent past.

Let us check out some benefits of mobile Apps for Business.


1. Mobile phones enable users to access the Internet anywhere as long as cellular phone signals are available. Earlier the only time a user could interact with something over the internet was when in proximity of a laptop connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or otherwise. Any mobile app widens the time and space limits of operation and engagement.


2. Mobile phones are owned by a single person and any interaction with the phone and any other service on the net can safely be assumed to be carried out with the person who has registered himself with the phone number. This situation is more trustworthy than a laptop which might be used by any one other than the owner. Sending text messages or notifications can be considered safe enough as there is a single user who is more likely to respond to notifications than emails and notifications on a laptop. Mobile phones are easier and faster to operate.


3. Mobile Apps can notify a user even if he has registered with Do Not Disturb registries as DND does not cover Mobile Apps.


4. Mobile Apps can prove to be a very effective one-stop shop for initiating any transaction with the business. List of products and services can be dynamically made available to the user instead of emailing brochures.


5. If a user has started an engagement with a business by using the Mobile App, the Business can jump in to voice communications at any point and guide the user to a completed transaction. This operation will be highly successful as the user is vulnerable for three reasons.


i)    The user is interested in the Business otherwise he wont use the App.
ii)    He is working on the phone hence will not hesitate to take a call.
iii)    The user will be happy to receive a human intervention who can hand hold this process to completion.


6. A mobile App is an indication that the business using it is concerned about providing the best services to its clients.


7. Mobile Apps can be made to closely link it with Social Media Apps. This enables the user to express and share his thoughts using Social Media and in the process enhances the links of the App and its rank in turn.


8. Mobile Apps are an excellent Customer Relations Management Tool as it is possible to interact with clients in real time. It is easier to elicit a survey or rating from users on Mobile Phones then on the web using laptops.


9. Using Location based services it is very easy to locate a user’s proximity with outlets and facilities related to the business. It is possible to notify a user at a rival outlet with a personal deal to force a transaction in the retail outlet owned by the Business nearby.


10. Mobile App is a symbol of security and competitiveness of a company that will impress the customer.


Contact any Mobile App Development Company in India if your business does not have a mobile app for its clients.