Gone are the days when if you wanted to advertize something, you put up a billboard and run a catchy advertisement on the TV. Today, an organization’s online presence is as important as its offline one.

The number of likes you have on your official Facebook page, the number of followers you have on Twitter, all of these things have become as important as offline advertisements and promotions. With the rise of the internet and social marketing, in general, the ways of the ad world have changed.

Companies now hear dedicated firms to take care of their online presence. Various such firms exist who offer services to help organizations make and maintain their presence online. Two of the most popular services such firms offer are Social Media Optimization Process and Search Engine Optimization.


Social Media Optimization, or more popularly known as SMO, is done to increase the visibility of the product on the internet. Various companies offer SMO services where they create fan pages and use other social media services to promote the business and its brand.

It traces the target audience and increases the follower count. Publicity on social media spreads with the word-of-mouth. SMO includes spreading the word about the brand through comments, posts, tweets, etc. and creating a unique identity for the brand.

These services, using advanced technologies, try to figure out what is currently in the trend and what the target audience of the service and products offered by the organizations are. This target audience is then used to garner a huge following for your brand.

Another popular service used by various organizations to maintain an online presence is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search engines have become an important part of our life. Whether we want to know what the current dollar-euro conversion rate is or how to make the special tai-chi teas, everything is just a search query away. Hence, search engines are a lucrative source of followers and an ideal platform to publicize your product.

SEO techniques use various methodologies and strategies, to garner your site more views by giving it a higher ranking in the search results page of various search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The latest trend in the SEO market is pay per performance SEO. There are various firms that offer pay per performance SEO services in India where you pay only for visible results and that seems more viable also.