Fuel4Media Technologies has based its own software development methodology on Agile Manifesto. We highly believe in lightweight procedures, eliminating waste and also delivering as quickly as possible. The agile and lean development process enables us to quickly respond to changing customer requirements. Clients value the reality that we are ready to accommodate always.


A mobile application normally will be structured as multi-layered app consisting of users experience, data layers, and business. When developing a good mobile app, you may select to develop a rich client or a thin client. If you’re building up a rich client, then the data services layers and business are probable to be situated on the device. If you’re building up a thin client, then data layers and business will be situated on the server.

An application’s architecture takes up a purely holistic approach to its development and emphasizes on understanding how any system works on the whole. It’s a master plan which defines system structure together with the tasks to be carried out by the designing and implementation team. As it defines a relation between system components and requirements, it helps to evaluate if a specific design approach will create an acceptable application.

At Fuel4Media Technologies, we believe that applications should be built up on a clearly defined architecture. All applications have to be created on a solid foundation and they should be designed based on particular requirements. The application developer works through all the complexities of the application to produce a very high level model. The developer takes into consideration the end-user, business goals and IT infrastructure while designing application’s architecture and turns up with an appropriate structure which will reduce business risks linked with creating a technically sound application.

Some of the main factors considered while making architecture are:

  • the type of application being created; whether mobile, web, RIA, etc.
  • technology to be utilized
  • the kind of environment wherein the application will be deployed
  • the attributes of quality that are most vital to that system

A well-architected application can survive requirement change, adaption, extension, platform changes, partial failure, etc. Such systems display high performance and they can be integrated more easily with others. Elements of such an application can be created and maintained separately and even reutilized.

Layered Architecture

Building up a system depending on proven techniques and key principles of application architecture help to endorse extensibility and usability. Lots of factors influence the choice of architectural style. We often create applications using a mix of diverse architectural style.

Separation of the concerns is an essential factor in application architecture. Layering is utilized to structure as well as separate the function of a system. Categorizing an application into different functionalities makes it simpler to optimize functionalities or features independently. Developers then are able to isolate technological upgrades to every layer reducing the impacts on overall system. This enhances overall manageability of the system.

In short, any application architect proposes a very technical solution for application based on non-functional requirements like performance, availability, and scalability. While designing the application’s architecture, it is imperative to make sure flexibility to support potential challenges and requirements. Therefore, a very iterative approach is always adopted in order that architectural designs easily can be evolved over time. Furthermore, architectural strategies are frequently developed out of joint effort of developers and architects.


Your mobile or web application says a lot regarding your business. In fact, it’s the very first impression that your customers will get about you. We ensure this impression is a long-lasting one. So, if you’re willing to get a new mobile app or web app to improve your current application, then Fuel4Media Technologies can deliver the best look, visibility and functionality. Every new application we design whether mobile or web is aimed at capitalizing on your business potential and online presence.

Our Process


After an initial conversation, we’ll send you our easy to follow project planner; thus, helping you get ready for your new application and offering us a very clear idea about the style, content & functionality you need and a good understanding of your targeted audience. Excellent preparation is imperative! It’s a wonderful way to begin and helps us ensure that you get the most excellent application that your business requires.

Then, we will offer you with an initial rough quote via an email. This guarantees that for a great site by Fuel4Media Technologies your budget and expectations are practical.

We then will write you a thorough proposal which includes a complete breakdown of the application creation stages; hosting specifications, functionality, what we want you to provide us, our terms and conditions and investment you’ll be making (cost!).


After acceptance of this proposal and receiving the first stage payments, we start with the design stage.


Success of any web or mobile application relies on first impressions heavily followed by quality of user experience. Our team of designers has the know-how to build high impact home page, which click flawlessly on to engaging and memorable applications. Our design ethics always are focused on full attention to each and every detail, crisp and clean graphics and applying functions and contents in the most practical fashion.

All the assets you’ve provided are then organized properly and a wireframe work is put together. Then we begin to conceptualize the designing of home page and inner pages. Concepts are then sent to you for reviewing. Helped by preparation stage we generally find that small tweaks only are required to these concepts for approval.

This design stage then continues with the layouts of other pages. In case, at any level, you would wish to see any changes, we will adjust them at no additional cost accordingly. Therefore, final designs must be ‘signed off’ when you’re 100% contented with them only.


Next we move to the building stage where these designs are built up to be ‘pixel perfect’ for latest CSS and XHTML production, including building of navigation and placing the contents on every related page.

During this, all the technical features of the application are developed. It can include: shopping carts, moving elements, content management systems and password protected zones.

Once completed, we will provide you access to the created application in order that you have a click and check it out properly.


Once you’re completely contented with your new mobile or web application, we will ask for official application sign off.


Next we launch the application on the World Wide Web. At this stage, any required email services are set and re made to work properly on your devices.

Even after launch, we are available to discuss further development of your application and offer any kind of help when needed.

Thus, you will be the one to decide when your application will be launched and we will be available always to help you out in any kind of situation if and when needed.


Can’t find the ideal web platform? Let Fuel4Media Technologies create a customized application. Customized means just one of a different kind and that’s what we do exactly. We tailor our applications around your business completely and your aims. With award winning designers, and highly experienced applications developers, your application will be the ideal fit. Get innovative with your designing and development, and let’s bring your vision into life. Are there any specific functions that you require to have? Our team can develop it the way you wish for it. By simply partnering with Feul4Media’s development team, you guarantee a successful application which will bring in results that you wish for.

Our application development method has evolved up from our expertise delivering many projects. Each project was different and it solved an exclusive problem. One thing which we have learned from our experience is that application development doesn’t have a lot in common with creation, which is a repeated production process. Following one recipe will not guarantee success. Application development is an innovative process and it involves some trial-and-error. But, chances of failure easily can be decreased by following established best practices like code reviews, continuous integration, and unit testing. And lastly, application development requires the best kind of tools and people.

Agile Development

Fuel4Media Technologies’s development method is based on the agile techniques and principles. Historically, companies used to follow the waterfall model for development, which is known as a phased approach wherein requirements analysis is performed upfront, followed by a high-level designing, coding, testing, and lastly user-acceptance. But, waterfall model has some of its drawbacks; the major trouble being its inflexibility. Often, the requirements might not be clear straight or may change in the course of the project. However, in agile development, development teams and business closely work together. The product is incrementally developed in iterations. Working application is produced early on and new features frequently are released. End-user gets to use the application while new features still are being developed. And the agile methodology that we follow by default is Scrum, but depending on client and project needs, we arise with a customized process as well.

Here is description of every stage:

  • Project Initiation

Our team starts the project with documentation of the owner’s wish-list. Wish-list is the set of uses that the product or business owner wants implemented. In the initiation stage, the use cases tend to be documented at a very high-level. A high-level attempt estimate is added onto each use case. This list of use case then is prioritized for implementation. It results in the making of Product Backlogs.

  • Product Backlogs

The Product Backlogs must be refined and maintained on a constant basis all through the life-cycle of the project. New requirements can be added when they’re unearthed. Present use cases might be broken down in finer-grained use case. Estimates may modify as new facts keep coming to light. Priorities also may end-up changing.

  • Sprint

The application is developed in incremental fashion in numerous sprints. Sprint is the fundamental unit of progress in Scrum. It’s “timeboxed” and average duration is 2 weeks, while sprints of a week to one month are popular. A planning meet is conducted before the start of sprint. In this meet, the developers and product owner work together to turn up with sprint backlog, that is, the list of needs that will be completed during sprint.

During sprint, short every day project status meeting occurs in which both the developers and product owner participate. These are known as daily scrums. In such meetings, every developer says all what they have worked on the earlier day, what they have planned to do for that day, and if they’ve encountered an obstacle.

In the end of sprint, a working application increment should be produced. The sprint’s deadline is never extensive. If a requirement can’t be accomplished, it gets shifted back to product backlogs. Also, during the sprint, requirements are not changed ever. Therefore, the developers are protected from requirement changes enabling them to work successively. A review meeting then is conducted in the end of sprint and completed works are presented to the stakeholders.

To sum up, our development method is dependent on working in collaboration with customers, recurrent releases of working application, and rapid iterations.


Application development is a complicated process with changes happening throughout the project’s life cycle. The application development team at Fuel4Media Technologies has adopted agile methodology to efficiently and easily accommodate clients’ modifying requirements and meet up their expectations. Our Testing & QA (Quality Assurance) team by default also follows agile methodology, keeping in synchronization with development team completely.

Agile Methodology

The Agile methodology enhances the quality of application by applying testing in each iteration. It allows our testing team to get used to changes smoothly and quickly. This is made probable using short iterations leading to incremental growth of the application. Each iteration is then followed by the application release, which is tested thoroughly to guarantee smooth and quick functioning of the application. The regular iterations help testers in testing all changes that are requested by the customer during the development procedure.

Our Approach

Our testing team primarily studies the requirements, documents, prototypes and other documents regarding the project. Our team decides the scope, objective, deliverables and purpose of the testing procedure. The possibility risks are addressed as well. The third party dependencies and risk easing plan are recorded.

We create test scenario diagram to illustrate the tasks or workflow, at a higher level. This diagram will imitate the clients’ idea, and is made based on wide communication with them. This diagram is then sent for evaluation and approval, and modifications/suggestions are included. The final accepted document is utilized to help complete QA testing. Next a test plan also is prepared to understand the application requirements. The test plan and test scenario diagram serve as a complete guide to form testing activities. Requirements are managed in test management systems as user stories, test cases and use case.

Iteration Phase

Iteration consists of following 3 phases:

  • Test Design – Test scenario diagram and test plan are used as input taken to design testing process. Test cases are produced by following the same structure in scenario diagram. Test cases are then documented in the test management tools such as Test link, Quality Center, or any tools according to the project requirements. Our team always ensures that test cases match with the requirements, which enables us to generate the traceability or test coverage reports after test execution stage.
  • Test Execution – The test cases are then executed and status is marked up as ‘Passed/Blocked/Failed’. This status is updated within the TestLink and detected defects are then reported in defect tracking system. Exploratory testing also is conducted and defects are logged. Bug fixes tend to be regressed and status is updated against test cases in the TestLink.
  • Test Report – Defect tracking system have details of the detected bugs. It helps to generate statistics for all the stages of testing. This statistics will contain the total test cases executed as well as number of cases passed/not run//failed. Reports are generated depending on percentage and count. A traceability matrix also is created to guarantee proper test coverage.

The Post Iteration Phase

After iteration is complete, bug report is made with details of bugs found during iteration. That report is given to the team, and product owner or development manager who can arrange the schedule to solve open bugs or put back the defects for later release. Our development team then re-submits the codes for test after corrections. The corrected code now goes through testing procedure until it’s bug-free. When code passes testing process, the application is released.

Test Deliverables across all Iterations

  • Test scenario diagram / Mind maps
  • Test specification (Higher level test cases)
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix / Test coverage report
  • Defect reports

Tool & Lab

An average mobile or web application today encounters many more browsers than before and it is expected to offer a smooth and flawless user experience across them. The challenge here is that your application should be perfectly compatible with all types of browsers, working on different operating systems and platforms, while being used by users all over the world.

We aim to simplify this great challenge for you with:

Our Test Lab, which is like real world – Fully equipped with all key operating systems and browser versions that are being used globally. And our testers are real as well! They are awesome. We have one among the most experienced and talented group of testers of the industry who is able to recognize even the most indefinable defects, pitfalls and bugs. They work through a very flexible process which integrates with our application development efforts completely.

Our Testing Tools are our right hand- Fuel4Media Technologies has a strong skill set available on different tools used for diverse testing needs and requirements. One of the main distinguishing factors is our capability to offer services on a broad range of available tools. Fuel4Media Technologies has amassed a great asset of tools to make its testing service faster and smarter. We use tools to authenticate and verify mobile and web applications. Selection of best testing tools and proficiency of a tester for using them are important in maintaining specifications and standards of a system. Such factors play a vital role in improving application’s quality and quickening its delivery to the marketplace.

Delivery Model

Fuel4Media Technologies works on a great delivery model that is exclusive to the company only. It is the one, we have created and perfected in many years to meet every demand of our customer base successfully. Our fully-functional delivery model, with large network of resources, high-end technology, best-in-class procedures and top-of-the-breed approach can materialize all your return on investment substantially. This model stands on following cornerstones.

Global Workforce

We extend global and local support to our clients. Project management and Requirements analysis often is carried out at client’s site through direct interaction. Development and testing both can happen at our center to tap in the best available skills-set. Our team knows to utilize time effectively. Working in same time zone as of our customers, make coordination much easier, while our development center gives us the immense flexibility to improve resources even on extremely short notice time period.

Transparent Communication

Our team of experts is honest and open with all our clients. Fast to meet deadlines, our team ensures that our clients are alert in case of any unforeseen delay. At Fuel4Media Technologies, client collaboration is greatly valued over contract negotiations. So, our clients count on us and voice it happily.

Our Collaboration Tools

We highly believe to make the development procedure as collaborative as probable. With the accessibility of very high-speed Internet, developers and clients can participate in the video conference call from multiple locations utilizing tools like Skype or Google Hangouts. Fuel4Media Technologies uses Google’s Apps for emails, instant messaging, spreadsheets and documents making version-control and real-time collaboration a snap. We advise Redmine for tracking products roadmap, defects, and features. Another tool we make use of is Trac. A few of our clients like Jira. Both product owner and developers have access to tracking tool, in order that everybody is on same page when it comes to status and roadmap of tasks.

Owing to our large industry experience, expert technology know-how and global existence which give us the cultural compatibility to mix smooth execution and business strategy, we are able to offer mobile and web applications development advantages like access to talented resources, reduction in project creation duration, cost savings, easy collaboration and increased responsiveness. Our well established delivery model enables us to offer most scalable, cost-efficient and reliable delivery of services and solutions. This well defined delivery model has helped us to meet our client’s quality expectations and offer on time deliveries leading to high customer satisfaction ratings. Our delivery model really is fully tested, kinetic and proven yet adaptable to go with and even exceed market up and coming demands always. Give us a chance to serve you and you will find it yourself!


Marketing in the digital space is a complicated and time-consuming process. We understand that your time is quite valuable and is best spent creating the best products you can. That’s the reason why we’re here at Ful4Media ‒ our professional and skilled marketers have focused on the digital and medium ever since the inception of the Internet. Whether you wish to reach developers or consumers, our team can help you attain your aims.

The experienced and skilled professionals at Fuel4Media Technologies are here to provide a continuous support to our customer applications, whether mobile or web, in their journey to attain success by delegating right marketing methods. In order to end their hunt for success, we cater our clients with outstanding applications marketing services in form of consulting, market research, individual application marketing services and tailored solutions.

Application Evaluation and Competitive Research

Prior to your application goes into market you’’ need to not just make sure that it’s ready for the time, but also understand what your competitors are doing to keep a competitive edge over them.

Public Relations

Getting your company’s name in media is similar to gold when exposure is considered, and exposure is what drives sales. Our relationship with app bloggers and mass media outlets help us to cast spotlight on your app and you.

Social Media Marketing

A trick to drive sales is to go where your clients are and maintain a consistent and personal relationship with them. Our team helps you set up as well as navigate the intricacy of social media networks and utilize them to your benefit.

Advertising Media Plans & Buying

Advertising is a great method to boost up your position in application ranking chart, but knowing where, how and when to create advertisements can be overwhelming. So, our professionals have many years of advertising experience in the world’s newest advertising field.

Sweepstakes and Promotions

A chance to win anything can drive brand’s awareness for your application – getting it in the front of eyes… and wallets. We have the experience, contacts and resources to help you to navigate the legal water to create new contests and sweepstakes that pop.

Application User Engagement

To get new users is just one element of this puzzle. After you get the desired downloads, how will you get users to back to your application? Fuel4Media Technologies works with customers to implement great engagement tactics like push-notifications, in-app-messaging and email marketing to help make the users come back for more.

Full Campaigns Reporting

It doesn’t matters whether your budget is small or large; where it will go – and results it generates – all are vital to you… and they are to us too.


If a photo is worth thousands words, then any video is worth thousands pictures. Our professionals create high quality application newscast style demos and trailers. Our high-tech techniques will show the application in its best lights.


As the smartphones have become a standard for communication in the world over, this becomes imperative to speak with your clients in ways they understand and trust. Fuel4Media Technologies’s localization experts bring native speakers in every language to translate the marketing materials, search terms, app description, and even the applications themselves.

Marketing Material

We, at Fuel4Media Technologies understand the significance of delivering a consistent brand message, irrespective of the medium. Our creative designing and marketing communication professionals design and produce appealing materials to support the app’s integrated communications program.


We understand how the applications are searched and get searched, how it related with the traditional SEO, and it will optimize your applications to appear when clients are searching.